PiTTi Hecht 30 years on stage anniversary


PiTTi Hecht is a percussionist and drummer from Hannover, Germany.

His first payed concert was in 1978 at the age of thirteen as the drummer of the "Sky Drivers"

Beeing a freelanced musican PiTTi has played many diverse music styles in bands as well as a soloist in over 22 countries and continents including Europe, Africa, America, Asia and the Carribian.

In the early eighties PiTTi started teaching at seminars what he still does today

He also became the German / European Clinician for Latin Percussion Inc, USA

You can hear PiTTi on over 100 MC / LP / CD Productions and now on his solo records called  

"PiTTi Samba Party" and "Conga Love"

Over fiften years ago PiTTi also became a jounalist and photograher and his articles are published monthly

PiTTi is very happy to be the unbeaten International Box Drumming Champion as well as Guinness Book of World Records Holder

PiTTi about PiTTi: "There is no greater thing than making music. No matter how unknown the band, no matter how small the stage, no matter how little the pay, no matter how excited the audience*. I will always enjoy the spirit of the moment on stage." 


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* PiTTi and his Bands have performed in front of one spectator as well as a crowd of over 100.000 and everything in between.

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